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First 4 crossraces are in the book so its a good opportunity to have a look back at what worked and what didnt. I had a hard time getting back in the rythm coming back from Qatar. Temperature differences, travel stress, bike change, intensity change, all this can explain my bad race in Valkenburg, but I probably also just had a really bad day. Europeans should have become a better race. It started well but then it went all wrong with that crash in lap 2. Never found back a good speed and riding along on that lap is pretty much the worst scenario. Luckily the next two races went way smoother. Koppenbergcross was fun, hard but fun. Fighting for the podium till the very end was very motivating and 4th a very satisfying result. In Ruddervoorde things went well too. The lap wasnt playing in my favor but I did race better then last year and 5th on an easy but technical lap shows it goes in the right direction. I hope I can keep the momentum going during the next weeks. Next races are SP Gavere, Hasselt, WC Koksjide, WC Zeven. 

For the love of mud

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