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Looking back at the roadseason makes me all smile. Things litterally went perfect for the team and for me as well. Here is my top10 of this road season:

1: Finally winning TTT gold at the World Championships in Qatar, so much deserved for everyone

2. Winning my first World Tour race by winning Stage 1 in Aviva Women Tour

3. Winning GP Morbihan at the top of Cadoudal (who would have thought ;)

4. Reaching my personal goal at the Olympics in Rio with 18th

5. Winning World Tour Ranking with the team and helping Megan win the individual ranking

6. Getting podium at my homerace Elsy Jacobs (finally...)

7. Spending a lot of time in the mountains to improve my climbing skills ( and loose my sprinterskill but it was worth it ;)

8. Teamie Amalie winning Road Worldchampionships and keeping the jersey in the family

9. Fighting back after two horrible crashes mid season 

10. Last but not least the teamspirit we had during the whole year between riders, staff and sponsors. 


I also have a Flop liste, here my Flop5

1. Crashing twice in 3 weeks

2. Teamie Evelyn Stevens retiring, one of the very best ever!

3. Having to ride my bike in temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees in Qatar

4. Spending a lot of times in the Alps made me realize I live in a shit area ;)

5. Spending again too much time away from home, family and friends luckily I like my teammates & staff a lot :)


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