Silver Worlds and that’s it

Remember my last article here? Probably not. It was something with feeling tired and long season. It wasn't just a feeling, it was bitter reality. 

The order is: feeling tired, getting sick, DNF your next race, struggling in training, fighting trough till worlds, end of the season. 

Things just didn't go as planned once I came back from Norway. I probably should have stopped my season at that point. 3 days of fewer were enough to completly knock me down. But TTT worlds were waiting and the team was counting on me. I had a superb ride in Sweden in August and at that point I was really looking forward to repeat that performance in Innsbruck. But my body decided differently. We decided to race Boels Ladies Tour to hopfully get some rythm back but that race just came way to early for me. I had absolutly no power and my worst day ever on a bike on stage 2. The DNF was probably the best thing that could happen to me as it ment I had to go home and recover. 

Once I got back on the bike it was better but still really far from my best. I gave all I had left in the TTT. Everyone did. And by the end of the day we just have to admit that there was 1 team that went slightly faster and deserved to win. Silver is great, winning is better. Obviously we were sad not to win especially as this was the last time this event is part of the World Championships (replaced by a ridicilous nationalteam mixed TTT). 

But still even if I would have loved finishing with a better personal performance and a World title, I keep this event in good memories. Worldchampions in 2016 and Silvermedalists in 2015,17 and 18 is not a shaby stat. 

Due to how September went and how I felt, I decided to skip Road Worlds. The heart said race but I have to be honest with myself. Racing under these conditions won't make me any better. There will be another seaso, another worldchampionship and another chance.

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World Champion TTT Doha '16
2x Olympian London '12 & Rio '16
6th World Championships Bergen '17
Stagewinner ('17 & '18) & GC winner Elsy Jacobs '17
Stagewinner ('15 &'16) Tour of Britain & 2nd GC '17
30 times National Champion (TT,Road & Cx)
Best UCI ranking: 9th


4th World Championships Valkenburg 2018
5th World Cup Nommay 2018
7th World Championships Bieles 2017
5th World Cup Namur 2016
9th World Championships Zolder 2016
9th World Championships Tabor 2015


Best luxemburgish sportwoman 2017
Best luxemburgish sportwoman 2016
Best luxemburgish sportwoman 2014
Best luxemburgish sportwoman 2013


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