Giro Rosa & Tour de France 2018

There are races you love, races you like, races you fear but stilll go and then there are the other once. 

I have never been a great fan of the Giro Rosa. If most of the girls in the peloton have already finished several times this longest stage race on our calendar, I only started once in 2016 and didn't finish it because of a heavy crash and bruised rips. If you add to this bad memory the heat, the climbing and the transfers in between the stages you maybe understand why this is not a race I fight for when we discuss program with the team. 

I have been pretty good with avoiding it these last few years but avoiding your fears probably isn't the good way of getting rid of them. So here I was again trying to finish my first Giro, just like my 19 year old teammate Skylar. 

It was a hard Giro. If you look at the timegaps you will understand that the mountains did some damage. And despite the timegaps being hugh, I have never raced a race that was so blocked especially in terms of breakaways. In a race where a breakaway would have been the only way for me to get a decent result on a stage things got pretty frustrating for me. On the other hand that allowed me to take a little bit more time to look after our GC leader Megan who did a great job fighting with all she had for GC podium. 5th in the end might not be what she have been hoping for but I was proud of her. 

I finished the Giro. Maybe I finished it far in GC and without any stageresult but I finished it. And above all I think I finished it maybe not fresh but pretty good which I hope will be paying off for the rest of the season. 

After a restday (travelday) we finished our Grand Tour with the Tour de France stage in Annecy. I just absolutly love this place. This is where I do my trainincamps in May (yes you can also NOT go to altitude). I know all the climbs around here and I was looking forward to race. We added Anna to our rooster. She was fresh and is the best climber so it was pretty clear we would go all in for her. No need to go into a breakaway, just take care of her and bring her safe to the bottom of the Col de Romme. That's what we did. She did attack like a monster on the last km's of la Colombiere only to get caught with 50m to go. But she is my winner.

As for myself I enjoyed every single second of this race. Last year's climb up to Izoard was just one big sufferfest for me as I was having a serious bad day but this year I felt good. And when you are feeling good you really can appreciate the atmosphere of the Tour de France. After getting dropped by the main climbers, I still managed to do 2 great climbs finishing 23th. Thanks to everyone cherring for me, especially those who knew my name. Thanks for all the Luxembourgish flags (although I do realize they were there for Bob in the afternoon and not specially for me ;) I tried to give a thanks sign to all of them, sorry if I missed some of you. 

I feel tired but ok. A few days easy will do the trick and then we are ready for the next adventures. 





World Champion TTT Doha '16
2x Olympian London '12 & Rio '16
6th World Championships Bergen '17
Stagewinner ('17 & '18) & GC winner Elsy Jacobs '17
Stagewinner ('15 &'16) Tour of Britain & 2nd GC '17
30 times National Champion (TT,Road & Cx)
Best UCI ranking: 9th


4th World Championships Valkenburg 2018
5th World Cup Nommay 2018
7th World Championships Bieles 2017
5th World Cup Namur 2016
9th World Championships Zolder 2016
9th World Championships Tabor 2015


Best luxemburgish sportwoman 2018
Best luxemburgish sportwoman 2017
Best luxemburgish sportwoman 2016
Best luxemburgish sportwoman 2015


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